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What would you take with you if you were planning a trip across the ocean to start a new life? How much would it cost? That's exactly what 17th century explorers needed to figure out.

Some people turned to a pamphlet to find answers to these questions. The pamphlet was called A Relation of the Successefull beginnings of the Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary-land. The pamphlet told about the benefits of settling in the Chesapeake area. It also outlined the supplies each colonist would need for their first year in the colony. You can think of it as an early travel brochure.

Many people who wanted to travel to Maryland couldn't afford the trip. They started their voyage as indentured servants. A wealthy "gentleman adventurer" paid for their journey. In exchange, indentured servants agreed to work for several years for their gentleman adventurer. At the end of an indenture, servants would get their freedom and some land. The gentlemen adventurers also earned 2000 acres of land for every five servants they brought to the new colony.

This arrangement had benefits for everyone. Wealthy people could build their fortunes. Poorer people could look forward to a time when they might be able to do the same.

Take a close look at this piece of history to learn more about what it took to start out fresh in Maryland's first colony.

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