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When you're having trouble with a piece of music, you ask for your music teacher for help. When you have a problem with your baseball swing, you go to your coach. But when you have questions about early Maryland history, who should you go to?

A historical expert, of course!

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Historical experts include archaeologists, historians, and historical interpreters. Archeologists are the ones who actually find and dig up the artifacts. Since they work with artifacts every day, they know a lot about the way colonists lived. Historians read old documents and look at maps and artifacts to learn clues about how people lived. Historical interpreters spend most of their time living as the early colonists might have. They work, dress, and even eat just as people in the 17th century. Whether they are in character or not, their opinions can be very helpful.

Now that you know who to ask, here's your opportunity to do it! First, click the type of expert you'd like to ask from the menu at the top. Then, choose a question you'd like answered from the left. Be sure to scroll to see all the questions! After you click a question, the video will play by itself. You can read along by scrolling down in the box right of the video. The video controls work just like a VCR or DVD player. You can choose a new category or question at any time.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, just email us at mdroots@mpt.org. If it is a good question, we might ask our experts to answer your question.