Exploring Marylands Roots

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Create Your Own Museum

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Archeologists have discovered hundreds of thousands of artifacts (an object remaining from a different period) from 17th century Maryland. They've found pieces of everything from spoons and nails to guns and coffins! The artifacts are very important to historians as they show how early Marylanders lived. But they are also important to museum curators (kur-A-tors). Curators care for all the artifacts found by archaeologists. They choose the artifacts for a museum that best show some part of early life. For example, they might construct a display on things people used to eat. They might put together a very specific exhibit of early farm tools. Or they could create a general show of items that best explain what everyday life was like for early colonists. The curator's job is to choose which parts of history most of us see.

In this activity, you get to become a curator of your own museum. On the left, you will see groups of real artifacts found by archaeologists around Maryland. To complete the activity:
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  1. Click a group of artifacts. The artifact bar will slide out.

  2. Scroll through the artifacts using the arrows on both ends of the artifact bar. When you see one that is interesting, click it to learn more.

  3. If you think it belongs in your museum, you can click "Add to my Museum." Or you can drag the picture from the artifact bar onto a museum spot.

  4. You will need to write a caption telling why the artifact is important enough to be in your museum. When you're finished typing, just click "Add your Description." You can have up to 6 artifacts in your museum. If you want to remove an item, just drag it down to the recycle bin and it will go back into the collection.

  5. When you are ready to name your museum and print or email it, just click "Complete My Museum."

Remember: you are in charge of the museum. People will rely on what you choose to learn about Maryland history. So think carefully, and choose wisely!