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books to read together

cooking like a colonist

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Books to Read Together

Some Tips About Reading Together

  • Everyone-no matter how old they are-enjoys listening to others read aloud to them. Children can often understand texts that are read to them well before they can read them themselves.

  • Consider taking turns reading different parts of each book.

  • When you read aloud, use emotion in your voice. It makes people more interested in what you are reading.

  • As you read together, look closely at the illustrations and talk about what they tell you.

  • Pause when you read a book aloud to talk about what's happening, people's wonderings and questions, or what might happen next.

  • Encourage listeners to make up pictures in their mind about what they are hearing in a story. They can draw the pictures of what they 'saw" and share them after you finish reading.

  • You don't have to read a book from beginning to end in one sitting. If people seem restless, take a break, or continue at another time.
About the Chesapeake Bay:

Awesome Chesapeake: A Kid's Guide to the Bay
by David Owen Bell, Marcy Dunn Ramsey (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0870334573
Ages 9 - 12

Chesapeake Bay Walk
by David Owen Bell, illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton
ISBN: 0870335073
Ages 4 - 8

Where Did All the Water Go
by Carolyn Stearns, illustrated by David Aiken
ISBN: 0870335065
Ages 9 - 12

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About the Native Peoples:

Indian Handcrafts - How to Craft Dozens of Practical Objects Using Traditional Indian Techniques
by C. Keith Wilbur
ISBN: 0762706619
Ages 9 and up

Maryland Indians: A Kid's Look at Our State's Chiefs, Tribes, Reservations, Powwows, Lore & More from Past & the Present (Carole Marsh State Books)
by Carole Marsh
ISBN: 0793377048
Ages 9 - 12

Meet Naiche: A Native Boy in Maryland (My World-Young Native Americans Today Series)
by Gabrielle Tayac, photography by John Harrington
ISBN: 1582700729
Ages 9 - 12

The Wigwam and the Longhouse
by Charlotte and David Yue
ISBN: 0395841690
Ages 9 and up

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About the colonial experience in Maryland

Everyday Life in Colonial Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia
By George Schaun, Virginia Schaun
ISBN: 0917882415
Ages 12 and up

In the Middle Colonies (How We Lived...)
by Deborah Kent
ISBN: 0761409076
Ages 9 - 12

Leonard Calvert and the Maryland Adventure
by Ann Jensen, Marcy Dunn Ramsey (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0870335022
Ages 9 - 12

Lord Baltimore: English Politician and Colonist (Colonial Leaders)
by Loree Lough, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Lori Lough
ISBN: 0791053490

The Maryland Colony (The Thirteen Colonies)
by Dennis Brindell Fradin
ISBN: 0516003941
Ages 9 - 12

Sailing to America:Colonists at Sea
by James E. Knight
ISBN: 0893757268
Ages 9 and up

Where Maryland Began. . . The Colonial History of St. Mary's County
by Sandy Shoemaker, illustrations by Mary Lou Troutman
Printed by Heritage Printing and Graphics, Leonardtown, Maryland The entire text and illustrations of this book are available online at
Ages 9 - 12

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