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Site Credits

Many thanks to the people who had a role in Exploring Maryland's Roots:

Maryland Public Television
  • Gail Porter Long, Vice President, Education & Community Outreach Department, Chief Education Officer
  • Christie Timms, Consultant, Education
  • Caroline Payson, Director, Educational Services
  • Carol Jackson, Director, Educational Productions
  • Ann Klimas, Director, Instructional Design and Educational Content
  • Betsy Peisach, Director, Education Marketing

  • Ann Klimas, Director, Instructional Design and Educational Content
  • Ben Graff, Writer, Content Development Consultant
  • Karen Kane, Writer

  • Carol Jackson, Director, Educational Productions
  • Bill Gonzalez, Project Manager
  • Chris Klimas, Associate Online Producer
  • Linda Sacenti, Storybook Illustrator
  • David Tauriello, Producer, Online Education
  • Bill Beustring, Associate Producer
  • Liz Manning, Associate Producer
  • Linda Donovan, Department Secretary
  • Kevin Hall, Intern
  • Jill Marcellus, Intern
  • Drew Uhrig, Intern
  • Jennie Corwell, Intern

    Bean Creative Funktional Web Design
    Bean Creative, Inc

  • John Davidson, Audio Mixer, MPT
  • Frank Leung, Videographer, MPT
  • Kim Moir, Videographer, MPT
  • Tim Pugh, Videographer, MPT
  • Jonathan Cohen, Paradigm Sound
  • Chip Nusbaum, Videographer & Sound Technician, See Spots Run

  • Suzanne Clewell, Ph.D., Faculty Associate, Johns Hopkins University
  • Joseph G. Czarnecki, Ph.D., Literacy Consultant
  • Nancy Davis, Museum Deputy Director, Maryland Historical Society
  • Suzanne Horn, 8th Grade Teacher, Loch Raven Academy
  • Peter Lowe, Ecologist, CPSGS
  • Ann Nanney, 4th Grade Teacher, Mt. Washington Elementary
  • Dr. Edward Papenfuse, State Archivist, Maryland State Archives
  • Dr. David Terry, Research Specialist, Maryland State Archives
  • Leah Walczak, Education Coordinator, Historic St. Mary's City

  • Chris Graybill
  • Jan Johns
  • Julie Kurzava
  • Dr. Robert Sapora
  • Kristen Udowitz

    A special thanks to the Staff and Historical Interpreters of Historic St. Mary's City who graciously lent their time, talent, and expertise to this site:
    • Dorsey Bodeman
    • Rod Cofield
    • Jan Dabkowski
    • Ed DeNeale
    • Joe Greeley
    • Silas Hurry
    • Fred Johnson
    • DJ Lavery
    • Kurt Masdea
    • Aaron Meisinger
    • Dr. Henry Miller
    • Mary Norris
    • Dr. Tim Riordan
    • Lynn Ryan
    • Jenny Steiner
    • Sara Whitt
    • Susan Wilkinson
    • Susan Zickel

    A special thanks to the staff and researchers at the Maryland State Archives for appearing as experts, researching, and writing case studies and biographies in the Library section:

    • Jennifer Copeland
    • Maria Day
    • Dr. Edward Papenfuse
    • Emily Oland Squires
    • Dr. David Terry

    A special thanks to the staff and archaeologists of Historic London Town and the Lost Towns Archaeology Project for appearing as experts and donating their time and knowledge to this site:

    • Eleanor Anderson
    • Gavin Ashworth
    • David Gadsby
    • John Kille
    • Dr. Al Luckenbach
    • Lisa Plumley
    • Molly Ridout
    • D.L. Smith
    • Allison Stanley
    Thanks to all the individuals and organizations who contributed resources to this site:

  • Dr. Martin Allen, Aid in research, images
  • Birmingham Public Library -Rucker Agee Map Collection, Images and maps
  • Bonaventure, Images
  • Dr. Lois Green Carr, Expert research advisor
  • Jennifer Cassou, Aid in research
  • Ed Chaney, Aid in research, images
  • Yvonne Crumpler, Aid in Research
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Images
  • Peter E. Egeli, Cross-section drawing of Ark
  • Fitzwilliam Museum, Images
  • GBC, Inc., Images
  • The Isca Morrismen, Images
  • Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Extensive aid in research, images
  • Maryland Historical Society, Images
  • Maryland State Archives, Research partner, extensive aid in research, images
  • Christine Parker, Video
  • Suzette R. Rice, Video
  • Dave Temens -, Images
  • United States Library of Congress, Images
  • University of Alabama Cartographic Lab, Images

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