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Technical Tips

We've done our best to ensure that the activities and pages that make up this site are easily accessible. Still, you may find that you have difficulty from time to time. Here are some helpful hints that may reduce your chances of the occasional technical hiccup:

  • Preview the site with hardware and software that your students will be using.
  • Share our site's URL - - and this page with your local network administrator. These folks can provide support in terms of the best place to use the site with students in your school. They can also troubleshoot firewall, filter, or other technical issues that may make access to the site difficult.
  • Use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, version 5 or later, with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, for the best results.
  • Download and install necessary "plug-ins" before your students use the areas of the site that require these files. These activities are clearly marked, with an accompanying link to the plug-in provider. Generally, the installation of these files is automated and quick. We recommend that this process be completed outside of classroom time by a teacher, an aide, or a network administrator, so that students can spend their time exploring the website.
  • Important: This site requires Macromedia's Flash 6 or higher to display all the video and activities. If you do not have the Flash Player, please visit Macromedia's website to download it.
Please contact us if you have persistent technical troubles with the site.

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