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Solve the Mystery of the Three Lead Coffins

  • Remember to share the information in the Help Section prior to starting the activity. Students can read and listen on-line, or you could print copies to read before, during, and after their work with this interactive.
  • Support students in reading the Help Section both before reading and before solving the mystery of identifying the people.
  • In this interactive, site visitors will explore a real mystery that confronted archaeologists and historians at Historic St. Mary's City. The story unfolds as a storybook, complete with illustrations.
  • Narrated versions of the story are available. Narration can be selected by clicking on this icon: Sound Player. This feature is particularly useful for less skilled readers, or readers who learn most effectively by listening.
  • There are three printable resources that can help students negotiate the story:
    • A vocabulary list
    • A list of clues historians and archaeologists used to track down the identity of the people in the coffins
    • A worksheet to help students record clues as they read through the story
    • Consider printing the table of contents to use as a handy reference in the classroom.

  • A text-only version of the story is also available.

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