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Exploring Maryland's Roots is organized into four roughly chronological sections, each featuring several interactive activities:

The Land and its People
Contains activities related to the Chesapeake Bay area, its geography, and the people who lived in this region before the European colonists arrived.
Voyage to Marie's Land
Contains activities related to the 17th-century voyage from England to Maryland.
  • Journey to a New Life in this fictional first-person adventure aboard the Ark that allows visitors to interact with the passengers and crew on its historic voyage
  • Adding It Up to tally what it cost and what supplies were needed to start out fresh in the New World
The Colony Begins (1634-1640)
Activities in this section focus on the beginning days of the Maryland colony.
  • Build Your Plantation with this educational game that challenges players to build, plant, harvest, and survive on their very own plantation
  • Read a Colonist's Diary, and page through the actual diary of Father Andrew White, a priest on the first voyage to the new colony
The Colony Grows (1640-1700)
Activities in this section explore life in Maryland through the end of the 17th century.
  • Tour the Growing Colony to visit the buildings, streets, and people of Maryland's capital — St. Mary's City
  • Investigate a Slavery Timeline using this overview of the events that brought slavery to Maryland
  • Solve the Mystery of the Lead Coffins in this storybook adventure that explores the science, archaeology, and research behind the real-life mystery of the lead coffins found under in St. Mary's city in 1990
  • Create Your Own Museum by selecting real artifacts to assemble a display that you think will best tell others about the people, places, and events of colonial Maryland
  • Ask an Expert is your chance to find answers to the questions you have about the Maryland colony from the expert archaeologists, historians, and historical interpreters
Exploring Maryland's Roots also includes:
  • In the News, with features current news and ongoing discoveries of Maryland's past
  • The site Library includes:
  • For Families, a section full of suggestions and activities you can use to involve families in their children's work
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