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Special Background Information

In each interactive, there is a special Help Section related to that activity. It gives a great deal of background information on the topics explored in the activity. Often times, this information is found only on this page. In addition, many Help Sections give explicit directions for working with the interactive.

Because of this, we ask that you share Help information with students before they begin working with an activity. These sections are also narrated. If time permits, consider having students listen to the information as they read along on the computer. Students can also keep a print copy of the Help Section with them as they work through the activity or refer to this section by selecting Help in the interactive.

Section: The Land and the People
Help Section: Explore the Great Shellfish Bay
Help Section: Visit a Woodland Indian Village
Help Section: Go on an Archeological Dig

Section: Voyage to Marie's Land
Help Section: Journey to a New Life
Help Section: Adding it Up

Section: The Colony Begins (1634-1640)
Help Section: Build Your Plantation
Help Section: Read a Colonist's Diary

Section: The Colony Grows (1640-1700)
Help Section: Tour the Growing Colony
Help Section: Investigate a Slavery Timeline
Help Section: Solve the Mystery of the Three Lead Coffins
Help Section: Create Your Own Museum
Help Section: Ask an Expert

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