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For Each Interactive

Visit a Woodland Indian Village

  • Before beginning work on the interactive, you may want to review these vocabulary terms.
  • Remember to share the information in the Help Section prior to starting the activity. Students can read and listen on-line, or you could print copies to read before, during, and after their work with this interactive.
  • In this interactive, users explore a typical Woodland Indian village that existed in pre-colonial times. The engraving was created by Theodor de Bry, based on first-hand accounts of John White and Thomas Harriott, English explorers who visited the Chesapeake area.
  • The tribes that lived in the Chesapeake at the time of exploration are considered to be part of the Woodland Indian group. You can use an online map to investigate Woodland Indian tribal names and locations around the Chesapeake.
  • Three printable copies of the engraving on which this interactive is based are available. The first copy includes the engraving exactly as it appears. The second copy includes spaces near each building. Students can use either of these copies to summarize, record, and/or recall the information they uncover as they work through the interactive. The third copy has all locations labeled. Use this copy as your own reference sheet. We suggest you print it and carry it with you while students are working on the activity.
  • As students explore the map, they will click on different locations for more information. They can choose to listen to the text as they read along.

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