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Build Your Plantation

  • Remember to share the information in the Help Section prior to starting the activity. Students can read and listen on-line, or you could print copies to read before, during, and after their work with this interactive.
  • In this interactive activity, it is important that students have a printed copy of the Help Section to refer to as they work through the game. It explains rules and important concepts involved. Use the Help Section in cooperative learning groups in which students read specific parts and take turns explaining the rules to each other. The chart with the seasons, points, game levels, game objects, etc. should be a resource sheet for students to have while playing the game.
  • In this interactive, site visitors can live through the trials and tribulations faced by the early colonists, as they work against nature and circumstances to build a small home and farm, and raise crops. (People at the time used the word plantation to describe any farm, no matter how large or how small it was.). There are three differentiated levels of play; we recommend that first-time users start at the "easy" level.
  • After partners play the game, they may share their scores and the position they earned on the plantation. This technique will provide feedback about their comprehension and understanding during the game play.

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