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  • Remember to share the information in the Help Section prior to starting the activity. Students can read and listen on-line, or you could print copies to read before, during, and after their work with this interactive.
  • In this activity, students will have an opportunity to meet archaeologists, historians, historical interpreters, and other historical experts as they respond to specific questions about the life and times of colonial Maryland. These video clips present snapshots of this era in our history. Each could be the starting point of further research into the topic, using Internet searches as well as textbooks and other printed resources.
  • Transcripts that are available for this activity can help students in preparing reports or presenting opinion papers featuring the experts that are part of the site.
  • You may want to download and play selected clips from this activity to introduce or lend depth to major areas of study within the colonial American experience.
  • Our picture of history is constantly changing. For example, most historians believe that pork was a large part of the colonial diet. Dr. Miller believes that his current research shows that this was not true. You could use this example to show that there is constant refinement in opinions about history and archaeology. Perhaps your students will want to investigate an event or person in local history to see how their stories have been modified (or stayed the same) over the years.

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